Wilson & Co. is open as usual to all its clients and for all types of business as described on our website.  Our office is a separate building within our grounds right next to our drive way and it is attended everyday.

To stay safe, we are all working from home (except the one person in the office) and to keep you safe if you need to visit us, you can drop anything off without coming in.  You can sign any document from the comfort of your own car and we can witness it from a safe distance.  Post is being delivered.  We would, however, encourage you wherever possible to scan and email documents to us instead of using the post.

Give us a ring on 01245 226444 or email your usual point of contact (or admin@wilsonandcolegal.com if you don’t have one) if you want to instruct us in the usual way or ask any questions at all.

But above all, don’t worry, stay strong, stay safe and we will all get together when this thing is over!